Monday, June 8, 2009

Living Room Sessions II Was A Blast!

The second Living Room Sessions show was held yesterday at Madame X in SoHo, NYC. Hosted by Rebel Starr hip-hop duo Likwuid and Back Wordz, Living Room Sessions is an "anti-performance" event, unique in its style and format. Each artist performed his or her poetry, music or rap, and after each performance, the other artists and audience members engage the performer in dialogue, feedback, and critique! There really is nothing I've done quite like it!
It's a wonderful experience to get together with such vibrant, creative people, listen to their latest work, and just enjoy the energy and passion that is part of any artistic endeavor.

The artists share their work without inhibition or fear. It's a relaxed, friendly gathering where different perspectives, viewpoints, and styles come together!

I read my poem, Every Day, to very positive feedback from those who engaged me about the piece. It was fascinating to hear everyone's thoughts on the poem, and how it touched them.

Each artist presented a different theme or genre. Evereyone built upon the words and rhythms of the performers. I think these Living Room Sessions are a great way to grow and develop as an artist, not least because the creative community is right there with me, sharing, speaking, dreaming...

It's the power of the spoken word, letting yourself be free, expressing your feelings, daring to be vulnerable...

We declaim, we espouse, we create...

We bring our work out in our own little Living Room. Madame X, at 94 W. Houston St., NYC, is a cozy little lounge with a delightfully garish motif. All red velvet couches and salacious paintings, it was a great lace for the avant-garde to congregate and defy conventional thinking.
It was deep, it was joyful, it was angry, it was ebullient, it was loving, it was passionate...
The words of the human heart are powerful indeed. Life creates art, which enriches life!

It was a privilege and a pleasure to take part in Living Room Sessions II! I am grateful to Likwuid and Back Wordz for having me, Madame X for hosting the show, Noisemaker Media for filming bit (I'll post the link when the video is ready) and to all who came and made it such a memorable evening!

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