Monday, June 22, 2009

Gentlemen's Book Club Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Taylor Siluwe joins me and another fine author at GBC

Dave Matthews introduces the authors

Last Wednesday, June 17, I had the privilege of participating in the Gentlemen's Book Club Fifth Anniversary party at New York's HK Lounge. The Gentlemen's Book Club is a group for and about gay men of color, dedicated to exploring literary works in a diverse range of genres. The club's ultimate aim is to promote and encourage reading and appreciation of the writings of LGBT authors. Each month, the club meets in a cafe or member's home to discuss the selected book of that month. I got to know club organizers Dave Matthews and Daniel Mejia, who work diligently to move the club forward. I was introduced to the Club's members as an author by Mr. Matthews, who spoke very highly of me. The members were enthusiastic and welcoming, and I encourage everyone who reads this blog to join this fine group.

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