Monday, November 23, 2009

Coming This Holiday Season: "The Devil's Details"

This holiday season, Nathan James and Worldwide Publications are ready to chase away winter's chill with The Devil's Details, a steamy, supernatural novel that takes you on a journey through time and the intricacies of the human heart. Join collegian Joshua Dolan as he meets the Devil, who leads him on an odyssey which teaches him about the power of love and the absurdity of hatred. Along the way, Josh and his boyfriend Jeremy discover the depth of their passion for each other, even as Josh reconnects with his own dark past.

When homophobic demagogue Raymond Luddite seeks to prove himself more a servant of Lucifer than of God, Josh finds himself in a struggle to love, live, and accept himself. Angels soar and demons threaten, because the Devil really is in the Details!

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  1. Awesome new cover!! I think I know that model (well, know OF).

  2. What an intriguing take on the love/hate matrix and the symbols therein. Are there any previews or samples of this novel?