Monday, November 15, 2010

Exce$$ And Greed PANIC Nov. 24th At Nowhere!

Ever wonder what those corporate moguls do behind closed doors...between the sheets...or in the boardroom when nobody's looking? After the mega-rich buy and sell their stocks and bonds, and get their bailouts, can money buy them the kind of experience us mere mortals can only fantasize about? On Wednesday, November 24th, at Club Nowhere, join us for a night of decadence and opulence as we present EXCE$$ and GREED PANIC! Reading their works are Penny Arcade, Nathan James, Kit Yan, Michael Hawley, Chadwick Moore, and Vinnie Bernard. So slip on your Rolex, get your finest mink stole, jump into your Maybach limo, and tell the chauffeur you are headed to the exclusive, ritzy Club Nowhere at 322 E. 14th Street, between First and Second Avenues. Our engagement begins promptly at eight o'clock in the evening. Black tie is optional. Books and other outre literature will be offered for your reading pleasure, as will fine cocktails, at market value.

You can RSVP here.

Hot stock tips are not required, but are appreciated. Start your Thanksgiving weekend off in high style! If you wish to mingle with the common folk, you can take the L train to First Avenue. See you there.